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Accounts Receivable Follow-Up and Pre-Collection Services
As reimbursement falls and costs increase, you must maximize the realization on your accounts receivable without committing additional resources. Unlike many large, national firms, Kopp will work within your existing systems, staff and policies to develop the best solution for your facility. Our flexibility ensures an easy transition and tangible results.

Kopp can work as an extension of your business office to manage vital tasks such as:

  1. Early-out, self-pay programs. We address your self-pay balances early in the revenue cycle when there is greater chance for success. Among other services, we can implement your collection and financial assistance policies, establish and maintain payment plans, perform reconciliation services and pursue third-party liability.
  2. Workers' compensation and no-fault claim submission and follow-up. These claims require the most attention given the numerous external factors that can affect your ability to get paid. We can provide EOB review, worker injury questionnaires, HP.1 filings and essential phone contacts to carriers, employers and patients, as appropriate.
  3. Insurance resolution. Do you focus on the old claims to the detriment of the new claims, or vice versa? Kopp can lead you through this decision-making matrix.

Kopp uses its own proprietary workflow system to manage these processes, and we connect securely to your patient accounting system so we can document our efforts in your system. Kopp will also use the same sophisticated analytic tools and reporting to educate the Hospital’s management team and staff on front performance improvement opportunities.

Back Office Support
Is your back office behind on their review of EOBs or behind in the accounts receivable review? Kopp may be able to assist your back office to get current and stay current.

Collection Services
Is your delinquent self-pay out of control? Kopp will maximize your recoveries while treating your patients with dignity. Our collectors can boost patient payments while maintaining good, respectful customer relations.

Coding, Education & Compliance Seminars
Kopp can help with your coding needs

  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Coding & Document Assessments
  • ICD-10 Assessments for your professional providers.
  • Evaluation & Management audits for your professional billing.
  • 100% coding reviews for Surgeons & First Assistants
  • Mental Health Professional Coding, Auditing and Education.

Please contact John or Patrick O'Connor personally at 315.701.5677 to discover how Kopp can help your business improve its accounts receivable and collection processes.