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Gain control of your business We can help you stay compliant and financially viable in a competitive marketplace. With Kopp, you can be sure that your billing is done correctly, efficiently and responsibly.

Improve cash flow and realization rates Our expertise and customized billing approach for each carrier will improve cash flow for your business through prompt, consistent and reliable claims payment.

Reduce paperwork Kopp allows your staff to provide the highest quality of patient care without paperwork distractions, costly claim filing errors and collection headaches.

Avoid complicated staffing issues You can eliminate the overhead, space requirements and challenges of hiring in-house billing personnel when you rely on Kopp's four decades of experience in this highly knowledge-specific field. No more time-intensive hiring, training and retention issues.

Take advantage of turnkey software solutions Through Kopp, you'll have access to multiple, sophisticated software tools with no capital investment; and you can eliminate downtime that often results from equipment failures, data loss or scheduling repairs.

Optimize patient care resources Outsourcing to Kopp frees you from the burden of billing and collections so you can focus your time and resources on treating patients and generating new business.

Protect your data assets Kopp has a disaster recovery plan in place to safeguard your data against power loss, disasters or technical problems.